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Last modified 2024-04-18T17:37:57
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First name Sampsa
Last name Koponen
Organisation Syke (Finnish Environment Institute)
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First name Sampsa
Last name Koponen
Organisation Syke
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Project name AquaINFRA
Project funder Horizon Europe
Project identifier Grant Agreement No 101094434
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Dataset title Test discharge dataset
Theme Inland Water Resources
Description This is a test dataset for demonstrating the functionalities of the AquaINFRA systems (AIP, VRE, DDAS). This link provides discharge data values (one per day) from one automated station in GeoJSON format: The station number (1097 in the example) can be modified to select another. The date range can also be modified. A map interface for selecting stations and looking at values:,58.52406032052693,65.71862644638743,70.6380822712739 AquaINFRA project
Language (dataset) English
Keyword Hydrology
Keyword Discharge
Keyword Automated
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Data processing steps sampling
Description Discharge values are observed by automated instruments installed in rivers. The values are stored in a database and accessed through an OData (V3) interface. ToBeCompleted...
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Start date 2024-04-01
End date 2024-04-18
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West Bounding Longitude 20
East Bounding Longitude 31
South Bounding Latitude 60
North Bounding Latitude 70
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Reserved DOI 10.48488/z6zt-td50
Published DOI 10.48488/z6zt-td50
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Resource content description A link for accessing the data. Station number and date range can be modified.
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